Guérande salt : Tips and tricks!

Guérande salt, although recognized for its taste quality by the greatest chefs, still has more than one trick up its sleeve apart from its food side.

Guérande salt : Tips and tricks!

In addition to being a natural product, it is a product that everyone has at home at their fingertips. Here is a non-exhaustive list of everything you can use our precious white gold for:

Clean the bottom of a saucepan

Put salt in the bottom of your saucepan and boil some water, the burnt residue will come off easily!

Scale your hard-boiled eggs more easily

Hard-boil your eggs in salted water, then your egg will be much easier to scale!

Keep your milk fresh longer

Add a pinch of salt to your bottle of fresh milk and it will keep longer. Indeed, let us not forget that previously salt was used as a food preservative.

Detach your laundry

To you the stains of grease, wine, blood, ink, perspiration, ... None will resist you! Soak your garment in a basin of water with salt before putting it in the machine.

Make your cut flowers last longer

Adding a pinch of salt to the water in the vase will make your flowers last longer.

Remove limescale

Salt coupled with lemon will work miracles on our enemy the limestone.

Extend the life of a candle

Immerse your new candle for about 2 hours in salted water and dry there. Your candle will burn less quickly because the salt slows the combustion. You can also put a little coarse salt around the wick.

Remove weed

It's hard to get rid of weeds and the use of products that are harmful to the planet, no thanks! So salt that weed that bothers you so that it goes away. And if you have too much, mix water, coarse salt and spray it on the unwanted ones.


Relieve your throat with a salt gargle or your feet with a foot bath containing coarse salt! Taking a bath with coarse salt can also soothe your muscle aches or just relax.

Extinguish the barbecue flames

If you want to reduce the flames without extinguishing the fire with water then there is nothing like throwing salt on it.

Replace regenerating salt

Say goodbye to regenerating salt you put in your dishwasher and simply replace it with coarse salt.

You could say that this is really a product that is not lacking in salt!

Do not hesitate to further your research to discover the many non-food recipes that can also be made with salt (make a skin scrub, make dishwasher tablets, ...)

We want to point out that we have not yet tested this entire list, but most of these tips have nothing to prove. Do not hesitate to share your tips with us!