Fleur de sel, gros sel, sel de Guérande - Etin'Sel Paludier indépendant à Guérande

Fabien CHEVRIER, paludier indépendant sur la commune de Guérande

Our harvest, our history

Fabien CHEVRIER, independent salt worker in the town of Guérande.

Independent producer, our salt comes from the 38 carnations that we exploit on 3 salt pans, on the commune of Guérande and Batz/Mer. All our production is done manually according to an ancestral method. We then pack it at our home.

Our fleur de sel and Guérande salt are IGP labeled, which allows us to guarantee the origin of the salt as well as its quality. Working in the salt marshes is more than a job, it is a passion, we have at heart to offer you a quality salt.

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