Guérande salt and its vocabulary!

To share our way of working with you more and more, Etin'sel has put together a little practical guide to the vocabulary of the salt worker trade.

Guérande salt and its vocabulary!

Through it, you will discover the extent of our workspace in the Guérande peninsula.

Vasière: Water reserve to supply several salt pans.

Cobier: Water reserve with a lower level than the mudflat to start heating the water.

Tour d'eau: Circuit used by the cobier's water to supply the saline.

Fares: Water reserve around the saline where evaporation continues after the cobier.

Adernes: Water reserve to supply the carnations.

Oeillets: Square of about 70m² where salt and fleur de sel are collected.

Tremet: Space to store coarse salt.


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