Paludier, a summer job? False idea!

Despite beliefs, although salt and fleur de sel are indeed harvested in the summer (on average between June and September), let us not forget the work carried out the rest of the year.

Paludier, a summer job? False idea!

Here is what to give you an idea of ​​the planning of the salt worker!


The mudflat needs to be cleaned (November / February), this work is done approximately every two or three years.

Every year, around January / February, the cobier must then be cleaned of limu (algae that forms on contact with fresh water) and silt.


From February to April, the salt workers have to clean the fares and maintain the bridges of the fares, this is called the dressing of the fares.

In March / April, you have to think about consolidating the mudflat tanks.

Then from April to June, it is the turn of the maintenance of the bridges of the eyelets and the cleaning of the adernes and the maintenance of the bridges of the adernes.

Finally, the carnations must be cleaned and replenished in water around April / July in order to obtain a better quality salt.


In summer, the main activities are of course picking fleur de sel and harvesting coarse salt. As long as the weather permits, it's a 7/7 job ahead of us!

But in summer, you should also remember to make the water settings (usually every morning and evening) to facilitate the heating and evaporation of the water.

When the season is successful, it is also sometimes necessary to carry out the rolling of the salt during the season, it is a question of evacuating the pile of coarse salt (called mulon) to its final storage place.


In autumn, more exceptional work is carried out, such as fitting (renovation) of the eyelets, which is done approximately every 25 years, which improves productivity. This is the case for us this year, one of our salt works was given a makeover in the winter of 2020/2021! This work is done as a team, each year different salt workers need help to renovate their salt works.

And to finish, approximately every 10 years, one carries out the tipping (upgrading) of the adernes and the fares to also improve the productivity.

And There you go ! You now know some of the many tasks performed by salt workers!

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